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2010 Toyota Corolla

Lenora Upchurch


Be sure to ask for Bernard Frederick. He was extremely knowledgable about the car I was looking for and was willing to take time to help me weigh my options. Out of all salespeople I met at various car dealerships, Bernard worked the most to make the process smooth and painless!

1996 Honda Accord

1996 Honda Accord
This car is awesome. I have driven it daily for 3 weeks and I can't say nothing at all but good things about it. I have already had people making offers to buy it. Panya and I really want to thank ya'll for making car buying an easy and fun experience. We also appreciated your knowledge, honesty, great customer service and all the really good cars we looked at.

Del Sol


2002 Toyota Celica GTS

By now y’all probably thought you’d never hear from me again. But I just had to communicate to you my impressions as well as my adventures. Here goes!
It had been over 10 years since my last vehicle with a manual transmission, so I was a bit challenged, at least for the first 30 miles or so. The only knowledge I had of this Celica was from the pictures y’all had posted on the Internet (Auto Trader). So when I first examined the car I was impressed by the fact that although it is over 12 years old, it is in really great condition. Before leaving Pittsburgh that Wednesday I had planned my itinerary with a AAA Trip Tik. I had a reasonable idea of the routes I would take. However I had no idea as to how much time each ‘leg’ of my journey would take. So when Marc said I could make it to Charlotte, NC in 4 hours, I was skeptical. I thought it would take about 6 hours. What you knew that I didn’t was that your speed limits are 65 and 70 all the way. You see, in Pennsylvania the roads are so, so bad that it is unsafe to drive that fast. And wouldn’t ya know it? It took EXACTLY 4 hours. I was amazed. So, I got some dinner late and found an affordable room for the night. By 7:00 am I was back on the road heading toward the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia. It began to rain, but did not last. It was much colder, however. I arrived home on Thursday by 4:30. I had driven over 9 hours straight
I was also amazed at how well the car performed. At those higher speeds it got 36.5 miles per gallon. So, at 55 mph I estimate the mileage to be closer to 40. The car I’m replacing gets 18 city and 22 highway. That’s one of the reasons I wanted this Celica.
I got the impression that y’all treat the cars you sell almost as ’family’, that they are more than just a product that can bring a profit. I am so grateful to ELK for making sure the tires were inflated properly; that all the fluid levels were correct; and that the car was so well detailed. He should know he’s appreciated.
 So, I can’t tell you how incredibly satisfied I am with this car. My family said I was out of your mind to purchase a used car without seeing it or driving it. You see, because I’ve lived in Atlanta, I feel I know the people of the South, and I appreciate y’all much more than those in the North. Also, I was sure that if it wasn’t right, you’d make it right. IN addition, as I’d mentioned to you,  I had owned 5 Celicas I a row over a 25 year period, so I am familiar with them. I can see now why others wanted this car so badly, too. I have already had an offer from a complete stranger to buy it from me for much more than I paid. But if I did that, I’d have to come back down to get another car from y’all. By the way, my older sister will need to replace her car soon, and has asked me to pick out one of yours for her. Imagine that! But I have no idea what you have in inventory, or what she would want. Who knows? You may see me again.
For now I’ll say, “Happy Trails!”


Walker is enjoying the Altima. He's been home and driving it for a good while. This will make me feel better about sending him to Athens with it.  I took it to my mechanic and he found a couple of things that needed attention but nothing major.  Thanks so much for all your help!



Bought a couple of Honda Odyssey vans for work. Good value and easy process

Ls 430


The car is great. Rides and drives like a dream. Thanks.



It was a pleasure doing business with you and we are enjoying the car immensely.  We will be taking the car on a road trip the end of the month*:) happy  Pauline


The Civic we bought Monday is running great. All of our friends and family love it.  I told all of them to checkout your website and to give you a call.


Mini Cooper

Thank you so much!  Kai loves her little car.  Have a great weekend.



Good Afternoon
It was a pleasure dealing with both you to find dependable transportation -
Thank You.



My son absolutely loves driving the CR-V and it’s everything we hoped for.


Thank you for making our car-buying experience a very positive one!




Norcross, GA 30071